Color coded milk foam thermometers - barista thermometers *Step required

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Barista or coffee thermometers - color-coded cases:

- easy-to-read dial with color-coded areas

- includes a FREE calibration key

- ideal barista thermometer

- 175 mm rod length

- color coded cases - set of 3

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These barista or color-coded coffee thermometers incorporate color-coded cases (red, green and blue) that help baristas easily identify the different types of milk used in stainless steel jugs, to avoid cross-contamination. They also incorporate a ° C / ° F dial with color-coded areas that indicate the optimal temperature, making them both simple and quick to use. Diameter of the dial 45 mm, length of the rod 175 mm

Measuring over a range of -10 to 110 ° C, thermometers are available in different probe lengths and dial sizes. Each thermometer is supplied with a stainless steel jug mounting probe clip, calibration key and probe protection cover.

Available in packs of three (red, green and blue), they represent a very economical solution to avoid cross-contamination.


range: -10 to 110 ° C

resolution: 1 ° C

display: analog dial

housing: stainless steel

Guarantee: one year

measuring scale: Celsius / Fahrenheit

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