Digital refrigeration thermometer with UKAS calibration certificate

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Digital refrigeration thermometer supplied with UKAS calibration certificate:

-          monitors internal and external temperatures

-          calibrated to UKAS standards

-          clearly visible LCD display

-          perfect for commercial use

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Digital refrigeration thermometer with max / min function, audible alarm. This refrigerator thermometer is supplied with a UKAS two-point calibration certificate (only applies to the remote probe). Each certificate indicates deviations from the standards at different control points: -18 and 0 ° C.

This refrigeration thermometer has a large LCD screen and incorporates two temperature sensors; a waterproof remote probe with a meter of PVC cable for the temperature of the device and an internal sensor for the ambient temperature. The remote probe can be mounted on the inside wall of the refrigerator using the suction cup or mounting bracket provided.

The thermometer is housed in a durable ABS case and incorporates a stand for shelf mounting and is perfect for use in commercial refrigeration applications where accuracy requirements are essential.

range: -49,9 to 69,9 ° C

resolution: 0,1 ° C / ° F

precision: ± 1 ° C

drums: 1,5 volt AAA

battery life: 5000 hours

display: Custom LCD

dimensions: 15 x 52 x 73 mm

housing: ABS plastic

Guarantee: year

measuring scale: Celsius

certification: UKAS calibration certificate

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