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Economical HVAC thermometer kit specially designed for the heating and ventilation industry:

- resolution 0,1 ° C

- two probes included

- FREE calibration certificate

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Economical HVAC thermometer kit designed for use in the heating and ventilation industry. It is supplied in a PVC protective pouch with an ETI Therma differential thermometer, probes and a FREE traceable calibration certificate. The Budget HVAC thermometer kit offers excellent performance for heating, air conditioning and ventilation engineers at a price that represents excellent value for money.


Each HVAC Budget thermometer kit contains:

- 1 x 231-022 ETI Therma differential thermometer

- 2 collar probes 133-040

- 1 zipped pocket 830-090



If you are the employer or the person who controls the premises, you have a legal duty of care regarding the risk of scalding or scalding by hot water and hot surface temperatures. NHS and HSE guidelines state that the surface temperatures of space heaters such as thermal storage heaters, oil heaters and conventional heaters should not exceed 43 ° C. This will control and prevent patients from being burned. When the surface temperature exceeds 43 ° C, there is a high risk of burns, often resulting in death in the elderly, people with mental illness and learning disabilities or children who cannot respond in a manner appropriate to avoid injury.


range 0,1 ° C: -99,9 to 299,9 ° C

range 1 ° C: 300 to 1372 ° C

resolution: 0,1 ° C to 299,9 ° C thereafter 1 ° C

precision: ± 0,4 ° C ± 0,1% of reading

drums: 3 x 1,5 volts AAA

battery life: 7500 hours

sensor type: Thermocouple K

display: 15 mm LCD

backlight: Yes

dimensions: 32 x 71 x 141 mm

weight: 220 grams

housing: ABS plastic with Biomaster antibacterial additive

Guarantee: two years

water / dust resistance: IP66 / 67 protection

measuring scale: Celsius

certification: FREE traceable calibration certificate

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