CaterTemp Plus waterproof thermometer *Step required

Robust, waterproof and salt resistant CaterTemp Plus thermometers

extruded aluminum housing for superior durability

supplied complete with food penetration probe

waterproof case with IP66 / 67 protection

rubber bumper seals for impact resistance

meets European standard EN 13485

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The CaterTemp Plus Food Processing Thermometer incorporates the latest microprocessor technology with improved durability, designed for reliability and ease of use in today's food and beverage processing applications. This waterproof thermometer for food processing is housed in a waterproof, robust extruded aluminum case offering IP66 / 67 protection with a finish coated with white antibacterial / salt-resistant powder.

The CaterTemp Plus thermometer measures the temperature over a range of -49,9 to 299,9 ° C with a resolution of 0,1 ° C. The instrument has a large, easy-to-read LCD screen with open circuit and indication of low battery. The unit is powered by a 9 volt battery which gives the thermometer approximately 5 hours of continuous use.

The on / off button is conveniently located on the front of the instrument, as is the display hold function. The CaterTemp® Plus thermometer incorporates a secure battery compartment with a waterproof cover.

Each CaterTemp Plus thermometer is supplied with a waterproof and portable food penetration probe, permanently fixed with a stainless steel rod Ø3,3 x 130 mm and a wire wound in PU of one meter. The probe is both solid and versatile and suitable for a variety of applications, including liquids, semi-solids and granular materials.

range: -49,9 to 299,9 ° C

resolution: 0,1 ° C

accuracy: ± 0,4 ° C ± 0,1% of reading

battery: 9 volts PP3 alkaline

autonomy: 5000 hours

sensor type: K thermocouple

display: 12 mm LCD

dimensions: 35 x 60 x 115 mm

weight: 286 grams

housing material: aluminum

warranty: two years

water / dust resistance: IP66 / 67 protection

measurement scale: Celsius

certification: FREE traceable calibration certificate

conforms to standard: EN 13485

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