Digital thermometers Types DT3-01

In production :  6 to 8 weeks

Measuring range

-40 ... 300 ° C


± 1% of range ± 1 digit


Ø 80 mm x 45 mm


Plunger tube, Ø 6 mm or 8 mm


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Possible fields of application Digital thermometers Types DT3-01, -02

The beverage industry

Chemical industry

Machine and plant engineering

Boiler construction

Large gear construction

Large compressor construction



The principle of measurement

The digital thermometers of the DiTemp series operate with a discrete time process with a measurement cycle taking 3 seconds. The user can therefore read the current temperature even while passing. A flashing activity symbol on the screen indicates that the instrument is functioning properly during the measurement cycle.

The display unit

The DiTemp has an easily readable LCD screen. Two different display types are available. The basic reasoning behind the design of the dual display unit was to give it the appearance of a traditional dial instrument. We did this with a circular arrangement of the LCD elements. This quasi-analog format allows you to interpret the reading as instantly as a conventional dial instrument. However, a 4-digit, 7-segment display is also integrated for times when you want to know the exact temperature.

Mechanical construction

The DiTemp series instruments have a robust mechanical assembly and are designed for industrial applications and use in harsh environmental conditions. The IP65 protection level (front panel) guarantees compliance with these requirements. Immunity to electromagnetic interference meets the requirements of current industry standards.

Continuous self-test

After power-up, the instrument performs an internal self-test which includes checking the connected sensor. Automatic diagnostic routines continuously monitor the sensor signal and a broken sensor is indicated via the display unit. The microprocessor continuously tests the plausibility of the sensor signal. In the event of a fault, the results are indicated on the screen in the form of an error code.

Integrated measuring transducer

The integration of the measurement transducer into the local display unit means that the space required is considerably reduced as well as the acquisition and installation costs, since a complete measurement point is saved. The measurement transducer system is independent of the local display unit, providing you with a redundant measurement system. The instrument is powered via the transmitter, so there is no charge on the battery or solar cell, unless the current loop fails. This means that the local display is both reliable and independent.

Freely programmable switching contact

The absence of mechanical contacts makes the thermometer intrinsically safe and prevents unwanted switching by vibration, for example. In addition to the programmable alarm contact, the instrument has a signaling contact which indicates all faulty operating states such as a broken sensor or the battery charge level. The contacts are designed as normally open contacts. Programming is carried out without touching the instrument and is assisted by menu. All operating states are monitored by electronics. Unlike mechanical instruments, the user benefits from a much more reliable and stable measurement system in the long term.

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