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RayTemp® 38 non-contact infrared thermometer for measuring small areas at greater distances

automatic shutdown and backlight functions

wide temperature range from -59,9 to 999,9 ° C

rugged housing for durability

distance / target diameter ratio of 50: 1

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The RayTemp 38 is a professional infrared non-contact pistol-shaped thermometer with double alignment of laser points. The thermometer incorporates a 50: 1 optical ratio (distance to target diameter ratio), allowing users to measure small targets from a distance. The user stands at a safe and comfortable distance from the target, points the thermometer at the surface to be measured, presses the trigger and instantly reads the temperature.
Ideal for measuring the temperature of any hard-to-reach object. This allows the user to measure most surfaces accurately and quickly.

This infrared thermometer measures the surface temperature over a range of -59,9 to 999,9 ° C with a resolution of 0,1 ° C (-9,9 to 199,9 ° C) or 1 ° C. The RayTemp ® 38 incorporates an automatic switch-off function which switches off the instrument after 60 seconds, thus maximizing the life of the battery. This function can be deactivated if necessary.

Each unit includes a clear, easy-to-read, backlit custom LCD display that shows both temperature and emissivity. The thermometer has a four button keypad, allowing the user to select the required mode, i.e. max, min, differential and average temperatures, view max / min high and low alarms and set the emissivity from 0,1 to 1,0 in increments of 0,01 (by default fixed at 0,95).

range - infrared: -59,9 to 999,9 ° C

range - probe: -64 to 1400 ° C

resolution: 0,1 ° C / ° F

accuracy - infrared: ± 2 ° C or ± 2% of the highest value

accuracy - probe: ± 1 ° C or ± 1% of the highest value

field of vision: 50: 1 target ratio

emissivity: 0,95 by default - adjustable from 0,01 to 1

battery: 2 x AAA alkaline

autonomy: 180 hours of continuous use

display: custom LCD

backlight: Yes

dimensions: 47 x 170 x 240 mm

weight: 395 grams

housing material: ABS plastic

warranty: one year

measurement scale: Celsius / Fahrenheit

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