Type A industrial thermometer with 110mm solder tube

In production :  6 to 8 weeks

Nominal size

110 mm

Thermometer type

Right, 90 ° angle

Display ranges

0 ... 120 ° C and 0 ... 160 ° C

Length of dip tube

78, 115, 175 mm


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Possible fields of application

Industrial thermometer type A with welding tube

Long service life and wear-free measurement accuracy for industrial applications such as machinery and plant engineering as well as marine components and utilities in marine engineering.

Nominal size 110 mm, aluminum, V-shaped, completely polished, gold anodized (or silver on request). Reading scale numbers printed on the right side. Print in black for easy readability. Straight types adjustable to any desired viewing position and locked with a brass nut, wrench size 22. The angular thermometers (90 degrees) have a grooved adapter piece with locking screws. Advantage: when mounting the thermometer, it is not necessary to turn the housing.

Glass inserts (capillaries)

Capillary tube in solid glass, bar-shaped, prismatic (optical enlargement of the column), diameter approx. 8 mm, oval opening, with white background for blue fluid column. The scale is deeply burnt in black, which gives it absolute resistance. The main graduations, which correspond to the impression on the case, are particularly well defined.

Thermometric liquid

In the standard version from -30 to 200 ° C blue thermometric fluid ("Fü").

Immersion tube

Standard version in steel. The diameter of the “A” type dip tube is 12 mm.

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