Remote reading dial thermometers

In production :  6 to 8 weeks


crimped ring case

Measuring system

Filled with nitrogen


Class 1

Nominal sizes

  63, 80, 100, 160 mm

Measuring range

80 to 600 K


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Precision dial thermometers are the proven solution for measuring the temperature of fluids and gases in the industrial sector, anywhere where it is not possible to read a local thermometer. They are ideal for installation in pipelines, containers, machinery and factories, have a long service life and do not require any external power.


The dial thermometers type 313 WH, 323 TA, 333 TE and 334 KL are capillary line thermometers comprising a crimped annular housing, a capillary line and a dip tube. The housings, capillary lines as well as the dip tubes and fittings are made of stainless steel. All devices comply with EN 13190 and meet Class 1 requirements.

The devices are available in nominal sizes from 63 to 250 mm. Thanks to the crimped housings, the thermometers are permanently sealed (IP65) and they are ideal for filling housings with silicone oil (optional). We recommend this version with housing filling for applications involving vibrations.

The display of the device can be supplied with a wall mount, a front / rear mounting flange or a U-shaped clamp so that it can be mounted in an easy to read position. The capillary line is routed to the actual measurement point and connects the measurement system and the display unit. The capillary line can be fitted with an optional capillary line protection to protect against mechanical damage.

We offer many different display ranges with measuring ranges from 80 to 600 K. On the connection side, our standard range includes five different connection types, various connection threads as well as numerous capillary line lengths, lengths and diameters of immersion tube. When combined with each other, the variants offer perfect solutions for almost any application.

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