Thermometers with bimetal sliding connection

In production :  6 to 8 weeks

Housing: with set ring

Measuring system: bimetal coil

Precision: ± 2% full scale

Nominal sizes: 70 or 85 mm


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Types Z7612 - Z8672 bimetal dial thermometers are the solution for local temperature measurement of fluids and gases in marine applications. They are vibration resistant and ideal for installation in pipelines, containers, machinery and factories and require no external power. Based on the high protection class (IP65) and the measuring principle, which makes them insensitive to ambient temperature fluctuations, we also recommend these versions for outdoor use.


This range of dial thermometers is a selection of thermometers commonly used for cooling water, lubricating oil, bearings and other low temperature measurement applications on board marine vessels. In direct comparison with our diesel engine thermometers, these thermometers are proven basic quality thermometers operating on the principle of the bimetallic coil. Thanks to their swivel nut connection, they can be easily installed and aligned in measuring points with existing protective tubes.

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