Pro-Surface Thermapen thermometer for grills and hot plates

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  • Surface thermometer for grills and hot plates.
  • Swivel probe and swivel head for perfect contact.
  • Temperature range -49,9 to 299,9 ° C.
  • One-handed operation.

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The Pro-Surface Thermapen thermometer measures the temperature of grills, hobs, hotplates and other surfaces on a range -49,9 to 299,9 ° C with user selectable resolution of 0,1 or 1 ° C.

The Pro Surface Thermapen is calibrated as a system for improved accuracy.

Just open the probe and take the reading - the swivel probe and swivel tip ensure a perfect contact with the surface and very precise measurement.

The Pro-Surface has the same specifications as the Thermapen Classic and includes a FREE traceable calibration certificate.

The Thermapen body is splash resistant, designed for a industrial use and has no buttons to press.

Open the probe and it's on - close it and it's off.

It does not use any cables and retractable probe action provides protection when not in use and eliminates the need to purchase replacement probes.

For high temperature use, you can order a Protective silicone rubber boot for additional thermal and anti-fall protection.

You can further customize your Thermapen using the micro-switches in the battery compartment.

range: -49,9 to 299,9 ° C

Resolution: 0,1 ° C or 1 ° C - user selectable

Accuracy: ± 0,4 ° C (-49,9 to 199,9 ° C) otherwise ± 1 ° C

Drums : Button cell lithium 2 x 3 volts CR2032

Battery life: 1500 hours

Type of sensor: Thermocouple K

Display: 14,5 mm LCD

Dimensions: 19 x 47 x 153 mm

Weight: 100 grams

Case: ABS plastic with Biomaster antibacterial additive

Warranty: two years

Measuring scale : Celsius / Fahrenheit

Certification: FREE traceable calibration certificate

To comply with the standard : EN 13485


Maximum operating temperature
Probe type
Of contact
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