Wifi recording thermometer - external two channel thermistor *Step required

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Two-channel WiFi thermistor logger for wireless temperature monitoring:

- Two remote external probes

- Remote sensor range -40 to 125 ° C

- Email alerts when alarm limits are exceeded

- Access temperature data worldwide via the Internet

- Programmable high / low alarm

- Simple and user-friendly configuration

- FREE traceable calibration certificate

- UKAS 5 points optional certificate available

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Two-channel WiFi thermistor thermometer with two external remote probes

External remote sensor range from -40 to 125 ° C, with a resolution of 0,1 ° C / ° F and an accuracy of ± 0,5 ° C.

Supplied with two general purpose thermistor probes.

The new WiFi loggers use the latest WiFi wireless technology. Loggers are a cost-effective, battery-powered temperature monitoring system that remotely records the temperature of devices and buildings. Each logger transmits the recorded data to a WiFi router connected to the Internet, accessible and viewable from a PC, laptop or tablet anywhere in the world.

The recorders have a range limited to the specifications of the user's WiFi router. Each recorder has an intuitive LCD display showing temperature, WiFi connection status, max / min recorded temperatures, alarm status and battery life.

At programmable intervals, the loggers will record the temperature of both sensors, recording up to a maximum of 18000 readings (9000 from each sensor). Each recorder has a red and green LED. The flashing green LED indicates that the logger is active / connected and the flashing red LED indicates that your custom preset alarms have been exceeded. Each unit is supplied with a USB cable. The software is free to download from our website and is free, with no fees or subscription.

How does the WiFi thermometer work?

Using the unique ID of each logger, this creates a secure connection between the logger and the software, accessible and searchable anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.

Each logger communicates directly with the WiFi router at set intervals to send data over the Internet to your thermometer.

The information is available to be analyzed and exported in a report format.

The software

Both powerful and sophisticated, the software helps organize and analyze temperature data to provide management information.

It has the possibility to display up to 32 traces on a graph, the trace colors are selectable by the user. All files can be viewed as miniature icons for easy identification.

The software allows the user to program the sampling rate / recording interval (0,1 to 330 minutes), the communication interval (synchronization) with the PC, the real time clock, ° C or ° F and a manual start option. It is also possible to include a user ID for each recorder.


By logging into the TD Link app, you can see the status of all wireless thermometers associated with its software, anywhere the internet is available.

You can view the current readings, settings and reference information for all of your thermometers.

Warning indicators are displayed if there is a problem with an instrument or if a sensor reading has reached the alarm levels set in 

For each thermometer, you can choose to receive push notifications when an alarm condition has been detected.

TD Link is a read-only application, which cannot be used to change instrument settings.

Available on iOS and Android.


External range: -40 to 125 ° C
Resolution: 0,1 ° C / ° F
Precision: ± 0,5 ° C
Memory: 18000 or 2 x 9000 readings
Sampling rate: 6 seconds to 330 minutes
Drums: 2 x 1,5 volts AA
Battery life: about 12 months
display: 12 mm LCD / 2 LEDs
Dimensions: 29 x 72,5 x 96 mm
Weight: 165 grams
Housing: ABS plastic
Manufacturing country: UK
Warranty: two years
Measuring scale: Celsius / Fahrenheit

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