Bimetal probe wired with stainless steel tube diameter 10mm

Bimetal probe wired with stainless steel tube diameter 10mm

In production :  2 to 3 weeks

The bimetal thermostats of the TSB 087 series are designed as two-state controllers (ON / OFF control) that compare the preset and instantaneous temperature and immediately disconnect the contact when a set temperature is reached. The required switching temperature is defined according to the customer's needs by selecting a bimetallic thermal break and can not be changed.


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Switches bimetallic series TSB 087 consist of a stainless steel housing containing a bimetallic switch (thermal break) and a power cable.

Bimetallic switches from the Serie TSB 087 are used to signal temperature exceedances in various industrial applications, for example to protect transformers, power semiconductor stages, motors and powerful batteries. The bimetal thermostats series TSB 087 are designed to work in chemically non-aggressive environments.

Type of temperature switch TSB 87
Temperature sensor TMC bimetallic - C1B
Temperature range (selection of the trigger temperature) 70 to 180 ° C
Switching tolerance ± 5 ° C
Contact design normally closed (instant action)
Maximum voltage / switching current 10.000 cycles 250VCA / 2,5A 
3.000 cycles 250VCA / 6,3A
Housing DIN 1.4301 stainless steel
Case diameter 10 mm
Case length 60 mm
Working range -25 to 180 ° C
Ingress protection IP 67 according to EN 60529
Insulation resistance in normal environment min. 20 MΩ
Dielectric strength of the insulation 2 kVAC / 1 min.
Contact connection 2 fils
Power cable shielded silicone 2 x 0,34 mm 2
min. 0,2 kg acc. design


Product Type
Thermostat type
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