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Transmitter with manual range setting, suitable for Pt100 sensors

Reference GSEM203PR

  • Suitable for Pt100 sensors.

  • Push button configuration.

  • Indication of range overrun by LED.

  • Push button sensor match.

  • EAC approval.

Product features Transmitter with manual range setting, suitable for Pt100 sensors


The SEM203P is a configurable push-button integrated transmitter that accepts PT100 temperature sensors and

converts the sensor output over a configured range into a standard industrial transmit signal (4 to 20) mA.

Simple push button operation allows the user to not only select the desired range and direction of exhaustion, but also to

perform user adjustment at two points (4 and 20) mA. If necessary, the desired range can be specified at the time

of the command, eliminating the need for user configuration.

The pt100 transmitter can be ordered with any of our temperature sensors and connection heads. We can supply temperature probe sets with the temperature transmitter included.

If you already know the specifications you need, we can configure the product for you at no additional cost. Otherwise the range is not specified, the transmitter will be shipped with the default range of Pt100 0/100 deg C



The SEM203P can be compared to a probe held at high and low range values ​​or by using a
resistive representation of the required temperature using a simple "learning" method. The direction of burnout can also be
set using the same push button. A zero and span adjustment function is also integrated into the SEM203P to provide maximum flexibility.


SENSOR BURN If a sensor wire is broken or disconnects, the SEM203P output will automatically switch to its
user defined high or low level and the LED will light up.


The SEM203P head transmitter incorporates the latest digital technology to ensure
precise performance and low drift.


If the SEM203P detects that the sensor is out of range, a red LED will light up in the transmitter to alert the user that something is wrong.

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