ATEX IECEx rail temperature transmitter for RTD sensors and potentiometers

Reference: GSEM1801RX-2RXR

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ATEX IECEx rail temperature transmitter for RTD sensors and potentiometers
  • Input: RTD, slide wire, resistance inputs.

  • ATEX and IECEx approved.

  • Single or dual channel.

  • User linearization 22 segments for input.

  • Sensor output offset and alignment.
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Product details about "ATEX IECEx rail temperature transmitter for RTD sensors and potentiometers"


The atex SEM1801 / 2XR temperature transmitter is designed for use with RTD sensors or potentiometers and converts the signal from the sensor to a standard loop powered output (4 to 20) mA. The PC setup (in the safe zone) allows the user to select the sensor type, range, filter, label, units and error signal without requiring any calibration equipment. In addition, the
user can read live process data when connected to PC: this enables sensor offset and
Output alignment calibration, where the user can enter values ​​that match the actual process, thereby reducing system errors.
If required, the desired range can be specified at the time of ordering, eliminating the need for user configuration. If the
The range is not specified, the transmitter will be shipped with the default range of Pt100 (0 to 100) ° C, high depletion
and filter disabled.



(temperature mode) Referencing the SEM1801 / 2XR sensor via the Windows-based USBSpeedlink software allows a
close match with a known reference sensor, thus eliminating possible sensor errors.


As standard, the SEM1801 / 2XR has all popular RTD sensors available in its software library.
In addition, the SEM1801 / 2XR can be programmed with custom linearization up to 22 points for
ohm and potentiometer inputs.


(temperature mode) If a sensor wire is broken or disconnects, the SEM1801 / 2XR output will automatically switch to its
user-defined level (high or low) or at a preset value.


The SEM1801 / 2XR rail transmitter incorporates the latest digital technology to ensure
precise performance and low drift.


  • Reference GSEM1801RX-2RXR
  • Name ATEX IECEx rail temperature transmitter for RTD sensors and potentiometers


  • Type Din Rail
  • Type of entries PT100
  • Type of outputs 4.20mA

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