Conditioner with 2 channels for Pt100, T / C. mA or Volt output.

254,40 €
In production :  1 to 3 weeks
  • Dual channel with 5 port isolation (3.75Kv).

  • Accepts RTD, thermocouple or potentiometer sensors.

  • Mathematical functions between channels.

  • Switching sensor redundancy.

  • Eight user-configured preset configurations.

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2-channel RTD, thermocouple or potentiometer inputs
Mix inputs - For example Pt100 Chl 1 and Thermocouple Ch 2
2 x outputs can be either isolated current or voltage directly from the sensor
Or the device can be a splitter and send an input signal to 2 destinations. (voltage or current)
The average or the difference of the 2 input sensors can be programmed and output on Ch1 and Ch2
Safety sensor. If one sensor fails, the device automatically switches to the other
Program for stepped output between different input values
Designed and made in the UK


Din Rail
Type of entries
Dual PT100 inputs
Dual PT1000 inputs
Dual potentiometer inputs
Dual thermocouple inputs
Type of outputs
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