Conditioner with 2 mA / voltage channels on input and output.

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  • Dual channel voltage or current inputs and outputs (active / passive).

  • Isolation 5 ports at 3.75Kv.

  • Can be configured as an active signal splitter.

  • Mathematical functions selectable by the user on each output channel.

  • Signal simulation function for diagnostics.

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2-channel mA or voltage inputs and outputs
Transmitter power supply on inputs and outputs
Use with any 4 / 20mA transmitter. Level, pressure, temperature, humidity, etc.
Use the device as a signal splitter and send 2 output signals from one input signal
The average or the difference of the 2 input sensors can be programmed and output on Ch1 and Ch2 even after linearization of the mA or voltage input signal. For example 2 non-linear tanks.
Program for stepped output between different input values
Designed and made in the UK


Din Rail
Type of entries
Dual mA inputs
Type of outputs
dual 4.20mA outputs
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