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Discover our probes and sensors + 810 000 probes sold in 2022.

Since 1987, we design temperature, pressure and humidity probes. GUILCOR exports today to more than 100 countries from Europe.

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fields application of our probes


Temperature, humidity, flow etc. sensors


Temperature sensors for electric motors and alternators


Temperature sensors for the rubber and plastics industry


Paired probes for energy meters


Temperature sensor for electrical transformers


Temperature sensors for trains and rail vehicles

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We have been engaged for more than 30 years in the design, manufacture and distribution of temperature probes in various industries.

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+ 810 000 sensors sold in 2022

+ 610 000 sensors sold in 2020

+ 490 000 sensors sold in 2018

Need a probe custom made ?

Every day, our advisers help you to choose and create the most suitable probe for your needs thanks to a great flexibility which allows us to react quickly and thus to be able to meet all the requirements of our partners.

Custom sensor manufacturing process.

Definition of the need with the client

Technical proposition (technical drawings, technical description)

Provision of prototype and series costing(and tools if necessary)

Validation of prototypes

Pre-series validation

Launch of mass production

Certifications available

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Our probes are produced and delivered within 3 to 5 weeks. Thanks to large stocks of components, we have always been able to maintain these deadlines which have not changed for more than 5 years (COVID-19 period included). 

We have large stocks of references regularly ordered by our customers. If your request corresponds to the characteristics of one of our standard probes in stock, we can provide it to you within 24/48 hours.

Our average offer delivery time is 1,5 days. Some requests may take longer, especially for specific developments.

In any case, our sales team will keep you informed of the progress of your offer.

Our customers are 50% in France, 40% in Europe and 10% in the rest of the world. Half of our productions are intended for export. All our sales representatives are located in France and are available to answer your requests in English, French, German et Spanish.

The sensor is the element that measures the temperature. The most used are: Pt100, Pt1000, NTC, PTC, Thermocouple, DS18B20, KTY.

The temperature probe includes the sensor as well as all the elements around it. A smooth tube probe is for example composed of the following main elements: Sensor, protection tube, resin, cable, connectors.

Temperature sensor

To choose a temperature sensor, it is necessary to take into account the data acquisition system and the constraints of the measurement. The acquisition system can constrain the choice of sensor. If your system only accepts thermocouples or resistance thermometers you will not be able to use other sensors.

The measurement constraints must then be taken into account: Measurement range / Desired accuracy / Drift over time / Response time / Electrical characteristics

Temperature sensor

To choose a temperature probe, the environment and the application must be taken into account. We will not use the same probe to measure the temperature of an electric motor and an air temperature.

There are many parameters to take into account: Temperature range / Size / Response time / Communication and connection / Electrical insulation / Certification / Protection index / Fixing