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DS18B20 probe and sensors

Digital temperature sensor

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Using a digital probe has many advantages. To begin with, it requires only one data line for communication. It also has the option of being powered by an external power supply or using the data line for a connection. Digital probes also allow multiple sensors to be connected to the same data cable, and you can log temperatures from each of them using a single pin. This type of technology is best used for HVAC environmental controls as well as monitoring systems inside large buildings, heavy machinery, and other control systems.

Digital sensors

The DS18B20 digital thermal sensor is quite accurate and does not require any external components to operate. It can measure temperatures from -55°C to +125°C with a measurement accuracy of ±0,5°C.

The measurement sensor resolution is user configurable to 9, 10, 11 or 12 bits. However, the default power-on resolution is 12 bits (i.e. an accuracy of 0,0625°C).

This measuring instrument can be powered with a 3 V to 5,5 V supply and consumes only 1 mA during active temperature conversions.

Here are the full specifications of the DS18B20 digital temperature sensor:

Power source

3 V to 5,5 V

Power consumption

Temperature page-55 to 125 ° C
Precision± 0,5 ° C

9 to 12 bits (selectable)

Response time

One of the biggest advantages of DS18B20 is that multiple DS18B20s can coexist on the same 1 wire bus. As each DS18B20 has a unique 64-bit serial code engraved at the factory, it is easier to tell them apart from each other.

This feature can be a huge advantage when you want to control many DS18B20s spread over a large area.

BlackGND is a ground pin.
YellowThe DQ is a 1-wire data bus that must be connected to a digital pin on the microcontroller.
Red The VDD pin provides power to the sensor which can be between 3,3 and 5 V.

Here is a summary of the most relevant specifications of the DS18B20 digital temperature sensor:

  • This meter communicates via one-wire bus communication Power supply range: 3,0 V to 5,5 V
  • The operating temperature range: -55ºC to + 125ºC Accuracy +/- 0,5 degrees celsius (between the measurement range -10ºC and 85ºC)

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