Smooth tube probe

Looking for a standard temperature sensor? You are in the right place. Guilcor offers several models depending on your needs. 

What is a smooth tube temperature probe?

Smooth tube probes are RTD, Thermocouple, Digital or thermistor sensors. It is therefore the resistance, the voltage or a digital signal which will allow a reading of the temperature. To use these sensors, it is essential to have contact with the object or the fluid to be studied. 

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What is the smooth tube temperature sensor used for?

Smooth tube collectors are generally used in industries. They are used to measure the temperature of gaseous or solid liquid substances. 

These temperature sensors are designed for universal use. 

In any case, you should use them according to the ambient temperature, the chemical resistance of the case and the input cable.

What are the characteristics of smooth tube temperature probes?

At Guilcor, you will find several smooth tube temperature measuring devices. Depending on the characteristics of each thermal probe, the use varies. This is why it is essential to check the specifications of the sensors: 

  • Type of sensor: these are essentially resistance sensors (or thermistors)
  • Measuring range: Some measuring instruments are more suitable for high temperatures, while others will be more suitable for low temperatures. Thus, the temperature range of smooth tube temperature probes varies between -190 ºC and +400 ºC
  • Protection index: these indices provide details as to the level of dust and water resistance. The first number corresponds to the protection against dust and the second concerns the protection against water. The higher the numbers, the tighter the smooth tube measuring probe. At Guilcor, you will find the indices IP 67, IP 65, IP 64, and IP 50. 
  • Case: stainless steel, brass, 
  • Diameter: from 1,5mm up to 8mm
  • Case length L: from 25 to 200 mm
  • Input cable: teflon shield, shielded silicon, shielded teflon, 
  • Response time: from 1,5 seconds
  • Wire resistance: between 0,16 Ω and 0,765 Ω for 1 m of cable
  • Accessories: connector, extension cable
  • Level of precision: from 0.03K at 0°C

Where to find its smooth tube measuring probe?

For a smooth tube probe that can measure the temperatures of solid, liquid and gaseous substances, you can count on Guilcor. We offer more than a dozen models for all your needs. All you have to do is contact us to get a 100% personalized offer. 

Note that it is also possible to customize its smooth tube sensors. Depending on the models, you can: 

  • encapsulate two sensing elements; 
  • select stem design in area, length L, and housing materials;
  • connect to three or four wires. 

Whether you are in France or abroad, Guilcor delivers everywhere (express or standard).