Temperature sensors for machinery and equipment

We can provide tailor-made temperature sensors, which meet the manufacturers' requirements as much as possible, both from a technical and structural point of view. In addition, we can supply the temperature sensors on the basis of drawings or samples. Our experience allows us to react flexibly to customer requirements and thus ensure rapid development without delay.

We have our own calibration laboratory. We offer calibration from -60 ° C to 600 ° C, including calibration of thermocouples.

Custom design of temperature sensors, we perform type tests of the following technical parameters:

- Insulation resistance at high temperatures
- Response time
- Hysteresis
- Immersion depth
- Thermoelectric voltage
- Effect of temperature cycle
- Resistance precision test
- Stability at the upper limit of the temperature range, etc.

Our company provides product certificates on request (sensor resistance to shock and vibration, electrical resistance, IP 68, etc.). We work with qualified and certified laboratories and test rooms.

The standard temperature sensor with connection head


Wired standard temperature sensor

The custom temperature sensor

After analyzing your needs, we will offer you a suitable temperature sensor and recommend an optimal application to eliminate or remove any interference related to the implementation of the sensor. When developing a new temperature sensor, we offer:

1 / Cooperation, our experience and our help to improve a sensor adapted to your application. The personal travel of our technicians in your company.

2 / Supply of the required certification, declaration in accordance with the applicable standards in French, English, Russian, German and other languages.

3 / Design and manufacture of temperature sensors

Production of sensors according to samples or drawings

Modification of standard cases

Production of sensors with a difficult and unusual housing design

Sensor production with small housing diameter 2-3 mm

Installation proposal according to application

4 / Encapsulation of a special sensitive element




SMT 160

5 / Sensors meeting a specific requirement for:

Resistant to vibrations and shocks

High resistance to abrasive action

Use cryogenic temperatures

Repeatability and stability

The high precision required

high precision required

Execution and compliance standards

Fast response time

6 / The special materials used as standard are replaced according to your needs:

Tin bronze CuSn9

Plastics - Macro-tagged

Aluminum (alloy)

1.4571 stainless steel


For cables, heat-shrinkable tubes:




Fire retardant cable - FM 4910

Cables for underground application etc ...

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