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Matched temperature sensor for energy meters

Paired probes for energy meters

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The effort to conserve energies of all kinds has been one of the main priorities in recent years. 
The main energy consumers are the central heating systems and the distribution and production of domestic hot water.

So to help households save energy through the electricity meter, GUILCOR offers you a specific range for measuring heat and cold consumption. 

Our paired temperature sensors specially designed for energy metering. They transfer the detected temperature values ​​of the heat transfer fluid to the energy meters. 
The accuracy of the measured values ​​is important for the proportional accounting of energy consumption costs. Consequently, paired measurement probes belong to so-called fixed meters. The values ​​of the temperature probes are strictly identical to rule out any counting errors.

Identification of the temperature sensor is ensured by red and blue nameplates.

Combined with the blue and red insulating tubes and installed at the ends of the cable, these plates make it easy to identify the sensors for the forward and return branches of the distribution piping.

Stainless steel thermowells can be delivered with the measuring devices as accessories. Manufacturers of energy meters, heating installations, metrology laboratories, as well as installation and maintenance companies are important customers of GUILCOR. 

Paired temperature sensors for glove fingers

The coupled meters of the TP15, TP11E and TP16 series are particularly suitable for heat flux measurement systems requiring applications with thermowells. Their advantages are a number of varied models, relatively small dimensions, the possibility of custom-made cable lengths, however always in compliance with the technical standards of the given model.

Measuring range: 0 to 180°C; 0 to 150 ° C.

Temperature probe type Protection tube diameter Protection tube length JTP thermometric seals
Thermowell length Connection type
TP 11E 5,5 ± 0,5 mm 35 ± 5 mm 36, 86, 136, 176 mm G1/2”; M20x1,5
TP15 / TP15A / TP15B 6,0 mm TP15: 65, 105, 140, 230mm 
TP15A: 120/91, 175/146 
TP15B: 120/83, 140/90
TP15: 65,105,140,230mm 
TP15A: 91,146 mm 
TP15B: 83,90 mm
G1/2”; M20x1,5
TP16 / TP16A TP16: 6±1mm 
TP16A: 3,6 ± 0,005 mm
TP16: 105,140,230mm 
TP16A: 97,133 mm
TP16: 105,140,230mm 
TP16A: 88,124 mm
G1/2”; M20x1,5

Paired direct immersion temperature sensors

The main advantage of these paired measurement probes is the speed with which they react to temperature changes. 
This makes it possible, for example, to record very rapid dynamic changes in the application of hot service water. Their construction and design allow sensors to be installed directly in the pipeline without the use of thermowells. And this, for a better energy efficiency of the heating system. 
Here are the main features of these temperature measuring devices: 

Temperature range: 0-180°C; 0 to 150°C.

Temperature probe type Envelope diameter Envelope length
TP13 / TP13A / TP13B TP13: 3,6mm 
TP13A: 5,0 mm 
TP13B: 5,0 mm
27,5 mm