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Jacketed probe

What is a sheathed resistance thermometer?

At Guilcor, we offer several types of sheathed probes. These probes can be curved and formed in order to be positioned as close as possible to the area to be measured. These probes generally have a wide measuring range and are used in many industries.

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Sheathed resistance temperature sensors

With this measurement system, the electrical resistance increases when the temperature increases. An RTD then uses the resistance changes to measure the temperature difference. 

For the temperature reading to be correct, it is necessary to know the resistance references of the materials studied. It is precisely for this reason that copper, nickel and platinum are mainly used to design these measuring devices. 

More specifically, here are the characteristics of our jacketed measuring instruments at Guilcor: 

  • Mineral insulated resistance temperature sensors comply with the degree of protection up to IP 67 according to EN 60529, depending on the type of thermoelement and the production technology used.
  • The sheath diameter of 1,5 mm guarantees a very fast response time of the sensor to temperature changes. 
  • The Resistance Thermometer Detector (RTD) is designed to operate in chemically non-aggressive environments. Their use must be chosen on the basis of a housing and a cable resistant to temperature and chemical products.
  • The measurement range of this jacketed temperature probe is -50 to +600 º. 

Thermocouple measurement probes

To measure temperatures, thermocouples use different metals (stainless steel, copper, iron, chromel, etc.) in the sensor. This will create a voltage to measure the ambient temperature (or that of the object under study). Here, the combination of metals varies according to the desired temperature range (low or high temperatures, precision or wide range). 

The thermocouple also provides you with precise temperature control. But it is above all in terms of price, measurement speed and measurement ranges that it stands out. 

Here are the precise characteristics of these temperature indicators: 

  • Thermocouple temperature sensors are designed to measure the temperature of gaseous, liquid or solid substances. 
  • The temperature range is up to 1100°C depending on the type of thermocouple and the production technology used.
  • The thermometers can be used for any control system compatible with the type of thermocouple probe selected. 
  • Sheathed probes meet IP 67 ingress protection according to EN 60529.

Where can I find a jacketed temperature probe?

Are you looking for a jacketed temperature sensor? You can easily find them on our website. We offer several models depending on your needs. 

And for an even more personalized adaptation, know that the length of the cable is tailor-made. All you have to do is contact us to tell us about your project. 

Once the offer has been defined, we guarantee fast delivery. And this, both in France and abroad.