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Temperature, humidity and flow sensors for air conditioners

Probes for air conditioner

In recent years, our demands for comfort in the environment in which we live, work or spend our leisure have increased considerably.

For these reasons, we are increasingly using various types of air conditioning systems (reversible heat pump, fan, split, etc.) to cool us down. 
Their judicious choice has a great influence on energy savings.

The purpose of air conditioning is to provide, depending on internal and external inputs, an optimal indoor temperature (for one or more rooms). 
But for air conditioning to be effective, you need good temperature and humidity management. Therefore, the GUILCOR company is engaged in the development and supply of temperature sensors. This equipment is an integral part of the energy efficiency of air conditioning.

Among the most important customers of the GUILCOR company are manufacturers of indoor and outdoor air conditioning and cooling units, as well as assembly and maintenance companies.

Ambient temperature measurement

Temperature sensors for air conditioning system can have resistance, current, digital and frequency output. All our measuring instruments offer the possibility of encapsulating two sensors as well as non-standard sensitive elements (DALLAS, TSic, KTY, SMT and others). The S 110 range of probes is also designed for explosive environments.


Pipe temperature measurement

The TR 080 temperature sensor is able to provide a fast response from the connected system. The measurement probe is installed as standard on one of the tubes of the water exchanger. The S 140 or S 150 series temperature sensors can be fixed directly to the pipe.

The advantages of these measuring devices lie in their ease of dismantling in the event of a breakdown without the need to discharge the fluid. The S 140 range of sensors is also designed for mobile or fixed air conditioners located in explosive environments.

Temperature measurement in supply or return duct

For air temperature measurement in air conditioning ducts, it is possible to use sensors with stainless steel rods and heads with terminal blocks. In case of low temperature operation, these measuring devices can be used for frost protection.

The S 120 range of sensors is also designed when the reversible air conditioning system is in explosive environments. In addition, we offer the range of PTS 4x and PTS 6x temperature sensors in resistance and with the possibility of installing programmable converters for better management of its energy consumption.

Air conditioner humidity sensors

The PTSV series sensors are designed to measure humidity and temperature in air conditioning applications in industrial or residential premises. The idea is then to guarantee the quality of the ambient air and to limit condensation.

Air conditioner temperature sensors are designed for surface or pipe installation, with current outputs. In combination with sensors for dew point detection, these sensors are used when it is necessary to prevent condensation on surfaces, condensation on critical locations of equipment or in buildings (air conditioning ducts, near fans).

Flow detector

Flow sensors are designed to dynamically measure the flow of gaseous fluid. Flow switches are designed to activate the load when the airflow setpoint is reached.

By combining the flow sensor or switch and the central support, it is possible to use the meter in air conditioning ducts or ducts with voltage outputs.