IP68 waterproof probe

IP68 waterproof temperature probe

Looking for a waterproof temperature sensor that is both dust and splash proof? Guilcor offers several IP68 waterproof probe models.

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What is an IP68 waterproof probe?

IP68 waterproof probes allow temperature measurement. But here, the IP 68 waterproof rating gives you the best level of protection against dust and splashing water. 

And for good reason, the European standard EN 60529 indicates the applicable levels of tightness: 

The first number corresponds to protection against dust or mold. They are listed as follows: 

  • 0: no protection 
  • 1: protection against solid bodies over 50 mm
  • 2: protection against solid bodies over 12,5 mm
  • 3: protection against solid bodies over 2,5 mm
  • 4: protection against solid bodies over 1 mm
  • 5: protection against dust and microscopic residues
  • 6: maximum protection

The second number corresponds to the protection against water: 

  • 0: no protection
  • 1: protection against vertically falling water droplets
  • 2: protection against drops up to 15º from the vertical of water droplets
  • 3: protection against drops up to 60º from the vertical of water droplets
  • 4: protection against splashing water from all directions
  • 5: protection against water jets (with a flow rate of 12,5 l/min ±5%)
  • 6: protection against water jets (with a flow rate of 100 l/min ±5%)
  • 7: protection against temporary immersion at a depth of one meter
  • 8: protection against prolonged immersion at more than 1 meter

What is the IP68 waterproof temperature sensor used for?

The IP68 waterproof sensors can be used in multiple situations requiring temperature taking in humid environments. 

More specifically, they will be perfectly suited to extreme freezing and thawing situations. Thanks to their insulation materials, they are recommended in all situations where high humidity protection is required.  

They can measure liquid or gaseous elements. 

What are the characteristics of IP68 waterproof temperature probes?

At Guilcor, you will find several IP68 waterproof measuring devices. However, we advise you to check the specifications of the meat probe. To help you, here are the characteristics of our devices: 

  • Type of sensor: Pt100, Pt1000, NTC sensors, or thermocouples on request.
  • Measurement range: since IP68 waterproof temperature probes are more suitable for refrigeration conditions, the temperature range varies between -50 ºC and +200 ºC
  • Resistance tolerance: Resistance tolerance: ±1% to ±10% (thermistors) or +/-0.3°C (RTD)
  • Case length L: on request
  • Insulation resistance: 100 Ohms at 1000VDC
  • Diameter: 5 or 6 m depending on the model
  • Type of conductors: copper, VDE approved
  • Protection tube/shield: stainless steel/silicone (for some models)
  • Housing: stainless steel
  • Response time: from 12 seconds
  • Wire resistance: 0,11 Ω for 1 m of cable
  • Accessories: connector, stainless steel sheath 
  • accuracy level A: except for i1 10000/5000 sensors,
  • Ni 10000/6180, T1 = Ni 2226, 20 kΩ NTC thermistor, our IP 68 waterproof probes are classified A

Where to find its IP68 waterproof measurement probe?

To find a thermal probe to measure temperatures in humid environments, count on Guilcor. We offer several models of IP68 waterproof sensors for a maximum level of protection. 

As an added bonus, you have the option of customizing your meter based on the shank in the area, the length L, or the material used at the case. So to get an offer tailored to your needs, all you have to do is contact us.