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Application areas

Application areas

Temperature probes allow temperature measurement via an NTC, PTC, RTD or other sensor. Widely used in industry, these probes are connected to devices to measure and analyze their signals. The choice of probe depends on the application and the constraints to which it is subjected.

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Application in Medical probes

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Steam, hot air and chemical sterilizers, laboratory dryers, laboratory technology for freezing, retention tanks for professional use for hotels or sports centers.

This is just a part of the medical applications where we can find GUILCOR temperature sensors.

The temperature sensors operate in a very sub-zero environment -190°C and with high accuracy up to 400°C.

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Medical probes

Application in Probes for air conditioner

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In recent years, our demands for comfort in the environment in which we live, work or spend our leisure have increased considerably.

For these reasons, we are increasingly using various types of air conditioning systems (reversible heat pump, fan, split, etc.) to cool us down. 
Their judicious choice has a great influence on energy savings.

The purpose of air conditioning is to provide, depending on internal and external inputs, an optimal indoor temperature (for one or more rooms). 
But for air conditioning to be effective, you need good temperature and humidity management. Therefore, the GUILCOR company is engaged in the development and supply of temperature sensors. This equipment is an integral part of the energy efficiency of air conditioning.

Among the most important customers of the GUILCOR company are manufacturers of indoor and outdoor air conditioning and cooling units, as well as assembly and maintenance companies.

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Probes for air conditioner

Application in Probes for the food industry

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Temperature measurement is critical in many areas of food industry processes, from quality assurance during production, storage and transportation to end users.

The GUILCOR company is engaged in the development and production of measuring devices for monitoring temperature and regulating complex processes in the food industry: the dairy industry, brewing technologies, the production of meat products , etc 

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Probes for the food industry

Application in Probes for electric motors

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GUILCOR has been the French leader for more than 30 years in thermal probes and protectors for measuring the temperature of windings, bearings and the transmission of electric motors.

Whether for a three-phase, single-phase, synchronous or asynchronous motor, our resistance temperature sensors encapsulated in a metal tube or in a heat-shrinkable tube adapt to different types of motor. 
These measurement probes operate in various temperature ranges from -50°C to +260°C. 

The most common measuring elements are Pt 100, Pt 1000, Ni 1000, KTY, NTC, PTC etc... 

Our sensors are most often used to measure the temperature of windings, bearings, engine oil, and transmission. 
Other applications may include temperature measurements in laboratories and/or on test benches. 
Depending on the type of sensor, the electrical resistance of our measuring instruments varies.

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Probes for electric motors

Application in Probes for heating systems

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In times of permanent reduction of costs related to heat consumption for heating buildings, it is very important to provide temperature quality regulation. As such, the temperature sensor is the component inherent in the proper regulation of heating.

GUILCOR meets the needs of heating manufacturers: boilers, radiators, heat pumps, underfloor heating, water heaters and wood stoves.

Indeed, we are committed to the development and manufacture of temperature sensors adapted to the applications of our customers.

The main customers of GUILCOR are the manufacturers of gas boilers, fuel oil, pellets, wood, heating companies as well as installation and maintenance companies.

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Probes for heating systems

Application in Probes for rubber and plastic

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Temperature probes for the rubber and plastics industry are designed for the specific temperature measurement needs of processing rubber and plastic blends.

The quality of the raw materials, which are then processed, is important. The temperature measuring probes are highly resistant to the influence of abrasion of plastic and rubber mixtures and vibrations.

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Probes for rubber and plastic

Application in Probes for machinery and equipment

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We can provide tailor-made temperature sensors, which meet the requirements of machinery and equipment manufacturers as much as possible, both from a technical and structural point of view.

In addition, we can ensure the supply of measuring probes based on drawings or samples. Our experience allows us to react flexibly to customer requirements and thus ensure rapid development without delays.

We have our own calibration laboratory. 
We offer a temperature measurement range of -60 to 600 degrees celsius, including thermocouple calibration.

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Probes for machinery and equipment

Application in Probes for electrical transformers

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GUILCOR has been one of the main French designer and distributor of probes and thermal protectors for dry and oil-filled transformers for more than 30 years. We guarantee high quality products at the most competitive prices.

So whether you need a probe for your power transformer, isolation transformer, voltage transformer, power transformer, distribution transformer, autotransformer, current transformer,... Guilcor provides you with the necessary measuring devices .

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Probes for electrical transformers

Application in Paired probes for energy meters

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The effort to conserve energies of all kinds has been one of the main priorities in recent years. 
The main energy consumers are the central heating systems and the distribution and production of domestic hot water.

So to help households save energy through the electricity meter, GUILCOR offers you a specific range for measuring heat and cold consumption. 

Our paired temperature sensors specially designed for energy metering. They transfer the detected temperature values ​​of the heat transfer fluid to the energy meters. 
The accuracy of the measured values ​​is important for the proportional accounting of energy consumption costs. Consequently, paired measurement probes belong to so-called fixed meters. The values ​​of the temperature probes are strictly identical to rule out any counting errors.

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Paired probes for energy meters

Application in Probes for trains and rail vehicles

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Comfort, reliability and efficiency. This is how you can describe GUILCOR temperature sensors, which contribute to the satisfaction of train travel. These measuring devices are part of the heating / cooling regulation necessary during rail transport.

Through our temperature measuring instruments, railway companies ensure safety that others cannot see - tracks, switches, oil and coolants in diesel engines, bearings on vehicle axles. 
You will find GUILCOR temperature sensors in all of these locations. These sensors have been developed specifically for safe use on rails, for temperature monitoring in locomotives, trams, motor vehicles, funiculars and electric pantographs (or any other railway rolling stock).

The requirements of measuring probes for trains and railway vehicles are placed on increased resistance to vibrations and shocks and on the mechanical strength of the materials.

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Probes for trains and rail vehicles


Whatever type of probe you are looking for (thermocouple, thermistor, CTN, Pt100…), you will find it at Guilcor.

We offer price and time guarantees to our customers. Our probes are stocked and shipped from Europe. Contact our sales representatives for an offer.