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Contact temperature sensors measure their own temperature. We deduce the temperature of the object with which the sensor is in contact knowing that the two are in thermal equilibrium, that is to say that there is no heat flow between them. When should contact temperature probes be used?

1. Whenever you can make a good thermal contact with the object or the fluid

2. If the expected temperature is less than ~ 1 700 ° C or greater than approximately -40 ° C

3. If we can accept a reaction time superior to other technologies (plunger probes, screw-in probes etc ...)

Good thermal contact means that the sensor and the object or fluid are at the same temperature or very close. This is generally the case when the dimensions and mass of the sensor are small compared to what is being measured. You must maintain this physical contact by soldering, squeezing, gluing, or using some other reliable method to secure the sensor to the object.

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