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Contact temperature probe

Contact probe

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To take the temperature of solid surfaces, it is preferable to be equipped with a contact probe. High precision, reliability, robustness, and wide measurement range, these are the main characteristics of our contact sensors.

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contact probes

Contact temperature sensors measure their own temperature. We deduce the temperature of the object with which the sensor is in contact knowing that the two are in thermal equilibrium. That is, there is no heat flow between them. The contact probe is to be differentiated from the non-contact thermometer which uses convection and radiation to monitor temperature changes.

1. Whenever you can make a good thermal contact with the object or the fluid

2. If the expected temperature is less than ~ 1 700 ° C or greater than approximately -40 ° C

3. If we can accept a reaction time superior to other technologies (plunger probes, screw-in probes etc ...)

Good thermal contact means that the sensor and the object or fluid are at or very close to the same temperature. This is generally the case when the dimensions and mass of the sensor are small compared to what is measured. You must maintain this physical contact by soldering, clamping, gluing, or using another reliable method to attach the sensor to the object.

Please note that for optimal use of your contact probe, we recommend that you read the instructions carefully. In particular concerning the operating conditions, namely the ambient temperature, the relative humidity, and the atmospheric pressure.

Contact measurement probes can be used in different ways: 

  • measure the temperature present inside the pipes; 
  • detect the cold; 
  • perform surface temperature measurements of ferromagnetic objects, solid, flat and smooth substances, 

We offer a wide variety of contact measuring devices to meet all your needs. You will find as follows: 

  • Thermistor sensor; 
  • Lug contact probe, smooth tube, right angle; 
  • Magnetic temperature probe; 
  • Thermal probe with display. 

Depending on your needs for temperature measurement, you will easily find the contact probe that meets your needs. And this, both in terms of the temperature range, the response time, the materials used for the case (stainless steel, copper, brass, etc.), the precise temperature control, the temperature display, etc 

For a reliable, accurate and robust contact measuring device, you can count on Guilcor. On our website we present a wide variety of contact probes. But be aware that you can also customize your meter in terms of sensor specifications and cable length. 

To this end, do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made offer at the best price. 

We then take care of delivering your temperature measurement equipment to you as soon as possible.

I can't find my probe , how can you help me?

We will always be able to offer you the reliable, precise and robust probe you are looking for. 

On our website we present a wide variety of temperature probes. Know that you can also customize your product on all specifications or make a request starting from a technical drawing in order to create your probe. To this end, do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made offer. We then take care of delivering your temperature probe to you as soon as possible.