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Bulb capillary thermostats with automatic or manual reset

Bulb capillary thermostat

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In capillary thermostats, the temperature sensor consists of a capillary tube, a diaphragm and an expansion fluid. When the sensor is heated, the liquid fluid heats up and expands. The expansion of the fluid increases the pressure in the closed circuit system. The increase in pressure is converted into displacement in the diaphragm. This movement, also called stroke, actuates a switch which opens or closes the contacts in the electrical circuit.

The reference variable is set via the capillary adjustment pin of the thermostat. Capillary thermostats are widely used to control the temperature of air and water thanks to their precision and ease of installation. Standardized production, computerized thermostats calibration processes and rigorous controls allow GUILCOR to ensure an excellent level of quality and reliability of its products.

Two types of operation:

1. Adjustable - Its purpose is to maintain the adjusted temperature by measuring the external and internal temperature of the equipment as an expansion liquid thermostat. If the sensor detects heat, the liquid expands and expands the diaphragm space, this will open or close the contact points of the switch. This is an auto reset product.

2. Manual - Once the temperature has been set during manufacture, the contact opens, it does not reset automatically and must be restarted manually by pressing the reset button. This product can be used as a safety device. It can be used as an overheating device for all electrical equipment.


It is widely used for almost all heating and cooling systems that need to adjust the temperature like hot and cold dispenser, refrigerated freezers, ovens, boiler, vending machine and various kitchen and sterilization equipment .