ThermaGuard refrigerator temperature monitoring thermometer *Step required

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  • Single or double external sensors.
  • UKAS 2 point calibration certificates available.
  • Programmable audible alarms.
  • Records the max / min temperature.

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The ThermaGuard thermometer is a thermometer for fridge-freezerhigh precision r which is available in two models for different sensor needs.

Essential for food security, max / min, alarm and CalCheck functions make this model an excellent option for HACCP compliance.

Le internal sensor (model 101 only) measure the temperature on the range -19,9 to 49,9 ° C, while the external sensors measure on the range -39,9 to 49,9 ° C, both have an accuracy of ± 0,4 ° C and a resolution of 0,1 ° C / ° F.

With an ambitious vision about to 25 hour battery life (normal use, without alarm), 1,5 volt AA batteries will only need to be changed every 34 months.

The digital refrigerator thermometer includes a large LCD display which simultaneously displays the current and max / min recorded temperatures.

Both models also feature programmable alarms to give you a sound warning if the temperature of your refrigerator or freezer falls outside the safe temperatures you have set.

Each ThermaGuard is housed in an IP54 splash-proof ABS enclosure which includes the Biomaster antimicrobial technology that reduces bacterial growth, ideal for monitoring refrigerated and frozen foods.

Un UKAS calibration certificate two-point (-18 ° C) is available as an option.

Each certificate indicates deviations from the standards at -18 and 0 ° C.

Two models available

ThermaGuard 101 includes two temperature sensors; a remote temperature probe water resistant with a one meter PVC cable to monitor the temperature of the device and a internal probe for room temperature.

ThermaGuard 102 includes two remote water resistant probes, both with one meter PVC cables to monitor two devices.

Each remote sensor can be mounted on the internal wall of the refrigerator using the small ABS plastic mounting bracket provided.

CalCheck function

Both ThermaGuard models have a CalCheck function 0,0 ° C (± 0,1 ° C) which allows the user to check the accuracy of the thermometer at any time, which ensures that the measurements are accurate.

Wall bracket

Plastic wall mount that includes an integrated stand, hook for hanging, and thread for tripod mounting, allowing users to store or position the device safely, securely and protect against accidental damage.

Internal range: -19,9 to 49,9 ° C (101 model only)

External range: -39,9 to 49,9 ° C

Resolution: 0,1 ° C / ° F

Accuracy:   ± 0,4 ° C

Drums : 2 x 1,5 volts AA

Battery life: 25000 hours (normal use, without alarm)

Type of sensor: thermistor

Display: Custom LCD

Dimensions: 29 x 73 x 96 mm

Weight: 165 grams

Warranty: two years

Certification: UKAS calibration certificate available as an option

To comply with the standard : EN 13485


Product Type
Data loggers



AR005610 / AR005611

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