Thermostat with manual reset with horizontal lug

Safety thermostat - manual reset - horizontal terminal *Step required

Safety thermostat à official

Trigger temperature ranging from + 50 ° C to + 200 ° C from 2,80 € / piece. Horizontal connection terminal faston 6.3 mm. Delivery in 24 / 48h

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Bimetallic safety thermostat - manual reset - horizontal terminal

The temperature limiter is a temperature sensitive device, which is intended to maintain a temperature below a particular value under normal operating conditions, by automatically cutting the electrical circuit. This device does not reset automatically and works with the manual reset option. Resetting is achieved by manually pressing the reset button after the device has cooled below the open temperature value.  
The choice of its operational position is free. This thermostat normally has closed contacts.

Horizontal faston fixing lug 6,3 mm

APPLICATION: This temperature limiter prevents overheating in a wide range of consumer, industrial and commercial products.  

Note:  In addition to its variety of standard configurations, the limiter can also be adapted to the specific technical needs of the customer.

Technical Data

Rated voltage, V ~ 250
Rated current, A 10
Number of cycles at rated current 10 А and power coefficient. 0,95 10000
Operating temperature, ° C + 10 200 ° C ... + ° C
Operating temperature tolerance, ° C ± 3
Transient resistance, Ω 0.05
Contact bounce-make, ms 3
Electrical resistance of insulation, V 1500
Insulation resistance, МΩ 50
Heating speed, K / min minimum-0.1; Maximum 1.0
Degree of protection provided by the enclosure IP4X

Trigger temperature Aperture tolerance
° C K
0 to 60 4
61 to 160 4
161 to 210 5


Product Type
Thermostat type
At pod
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