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Temperature and humidity controller with RS232 output

Reference AR006684


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  • Temperature, humidity.
  • Two relay outputs.
  • Exterior and interior.
  • Cables optional.
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Introduction Manual | Temperature and humidity controller with RS232 output

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Quick Start | Temperature and humidity controller with RS232 output

Product features Temperature and humidity controller with RS232 output


Transmitter temperature and humidity with two relay outputs.

Use Case exterior and interior.

Relative humidity, temperature probe on cable.

The measured values ​​are also converted to other interpretations of humidity: dew point temperature, absolute humidity, specific humidity, mixing ratio, specific enthalpy. Three inputs with two states.


  • H3331
  • Manual
  • Traceable calibration certificate
  • Free Tsensor configuration software


- Temperature
- Relative humidity
- Calculated values ​​(dew point, etc.)
- Two state signal

Maximum switching voltage, current, power of the relay output: 50V, 2A, 60VA

Audible alarm: from integrated beeper - switchable

Relative humidity range: 0 to 100%

Accuracy of the relative humidity measurement: ± 2,5% relative humidity from 5 to 95% at 23 ° C

Accuracy of temperature output: ± 0,4 ° C from -30 to + 100 ° C
± 0,4% from reading at + 100 ° C

Available temperature units: degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit

Dew point output accuracy and range - for details see graphs: ± 1,5 ° C at ambient temperature T <25 ° C and relative humidity> 30%
range -60 to +80 ° C

Accuracy and absolute humidity output range: ± 1,5 g / m3 at ambient temperature T <25 ° C
range from 0 to 400 g / m3

Accuracy and specific humidity output range: ± 2 g / kg at room temperature T <35 ° C
range 0 to 550 g / kg

Accuracy and output range of mixing ratio: ± 2g / kg at ambient temperature T <35 ° C
range from 0 to 995 g / kg

Precision and range of specific enthalpies: ± 3 kJ / kg at ambient temperature T <25 ° C
range: 0 to 995 kJ / kg

Signal for binary inputs: voltage-free contact, open collector or two-state voltage signal.
The inputs are not galvanically isolated.

Minimum pulse length at binary input: 500 ms

Open contact voltage: 3.3 V

Low voltage level: 0 to +0.5 V

High voltage level: +3.0 to + 30V

Temperature operating range: -30 to +80 ° C

LCD display operating temperature range: readable at an operating temperature of + 70 ° C, it is recommended to turn off the LCD screen above 70 ° C

Temperature compensation of humidity sensor: the entire temperature range

Filtering capacity of the sensor cover: 0.025mm - filter with stainless steel mesh

Communication protocol : ModBus RTU and Advantech ADAM compatible protocol

Communication speed: 110 to 115200 Bd

IP protection: Electronics IP65, sensors IP40

Supply : 9-30Vdc, power consumption about 1W

Probe cable length: 1m, 2m or 4m optional

Dimensions: 136 x 159 x 45mm (W x H x D), probe length 88mm, probe diameter 18mm

Weight: about 500g - 1m probe

Warranty: 3 years

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