Temperature and humidity controller with RS232 output *Step required

  • Temperature, humidity.
  • Two relay outputs.
  • Exterior and interior.
  • Cables optional.
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Temperature and humidity transmitter with two relay outputs.

Outdoor and indoor use.

Relative humidity, temperature probe on cable.

The measured values ​​are also converted to other interpretations of humidity: dew point temperature, absolute humidity, specific humidity, mixing ratio, specific enthalpy. Three inputs with two states.


  • H3331
  • Manual
  • Traceable calibration certificate
  • Free Tsensor configuration software


- Temperature
- Relative humidity
- Calculated values ​​(dew point, etc.)
- Two state signal

Maximum switching voltage, current, power of the relay output: 50V, 2A, 60VA

Audible alarm: from integrated beeper - switchable

Relative humidity range: 0 to 100%

Accuracy of the relative humidity measurement: ± 2,5% relative humidity from 5 to 95% at 23 ° C

Accuracy of temperature output: ± 0,4 ° C from -30 to + 100 ° C
± 0,4% from reading at + 100 ° C

Available temperature units: degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit

Dew point output accuracy and range - for details see graphs: ± 1,5 ° C at ambient temperature T <25 ° C and relative humidity> 30%
range -60 to +80 ° C

Accuracy and absolute humidity output range: ± 1,5 g / m3 at ambient temperature T <25 ° C
range from 0 to 400 g / m3

Accuracy and specific humidity output range: ± 2 g / kg at room temperature T <35 ° C
range 0 to 550 g / kg

Accuracy and output range of mixing ratio: ± 2g / kg at ambient temperature T <35 ° C
range from 0 to 995 g / kg

Precision and range of specific enthalpies: ± 3 kJ / kg at ambient temperature T <25 ° C
range: 0 to 995 kJ / kg

Signal for binary inputs: voltage-free contact, open collector or two-state voltage signal.
The inputs are not galvanically isolated.

Minimum pulse length at binary input: 500 ms

Open contact voltage: 3.3 V

Low voltage level: 0 to +0.5 V

High voltage level: +3.0 to + 30V

Temperature operating range: -30 to + 80 ° C

LCD display operating temperature range: readable at an operating temperature of + 70 ° C, it is recommended to turn off the LCD screen above 70 ° C

Temperature compensation of humidity sensor: the entire temperature range

Filtering capacity of the sensor cover: 0.025mm - filter with stainless steel mesh

Communication protocol : ModBus RTU and Advantech ADAM compatible protocol

Communication speed: 110 to 115200 Bd

IP protection: Electronics IP65, sensors IP40

Supply : 9-30Vdc, power consumption about 1W

Probe cable length: 1m, 2m or 4m optional

dimensions: 136 x 159 x 45mm (W x H x D), probe length 88mm, probe diameter 18mm

Weight: about 500g - 1m probe

Warranty: 3 years



Product Type
Head / terminal probes
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