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Temperature transmitter 0-10V output with display

Reference AR006585

  • Transmitter for Pt1000 sensor.
  • Adjustable outlet temperature.
  • Selectable degrees.
  • Large two-line LCD display.
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Quick Start | 0-10V output temperature transmitter with display

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Introduction Manual | 0-10V output temperature transmitter with display

Product features Temperature transmitter 0-10V output with display


The temperature transmitter for Pt1000 sensor / 3850ppm with 0-10V output is built in a waterproof and durable housing.

The outlet temperature range is user adjustable.

Degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit are selectable by the user.

Un large two-line LCD display is an advantage.

Possibility turn off the display.

Food mains - also powered by 24 Vac.


  • T4211
  • Manual
  • Traceable calibration certificate
  • Free Tsensor configuration software 


- Temperature

Accuracy of temperature output: ± 0,15 ° C plus 0,1% of the set output range (without temperature sensor)

Available temperature units: degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit

Temperature operating range: -30 to +80 ° C

LCD display operating temperature range: readable at an operating temperature of + 70 ° C, it is recommended to turn off the LCD screen above 70 ° C

Output voltage: 0-10V

Configuration of the output range: user adjustable from PC

Protection: IP65

Supply : 15-30 VDC, max. 20mA; 24 Vac

Dimensions: 88,5 x 117 x 39,5 mm (W x H x D)

Weight: about 145g

Warranty: 3 years 

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