Indoor temperature sensor

Room temperature sensor - Digital DS18B20

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This temperature sensor with digital output DS18B20 - SD 105 for interiors is designed for measuring the temperature of gaseous substances in areas protected against water - for example for measuring the temperature in rooms (schools, theaters , conference rooms, etc.), offices, interiors of residential houses or even production halls. Appropriate design and high-quality materials ensure efficient temperature measurement.
The temperature sensor with 1-Wire / DS18B20 - SD 105 digital output for interiors consists of a plastic ribbed head in which there is a card with printed circuit and a converter to establish a digital output type DS18B20.

The operating temperature range of the sensors is defined in the table of technical parameters of the different sensor versions. The sensors respond to protection IP 30 according to EN 60529, as modified. Installation is recommended on an interior wall at a height of 1,5 m, in areas of movement of people, in places not exposed to direct sunlight and not influenced by the heat of the walls, heated radiators or lighting.

The sensor is designed to operate in a chemically non-aggressive environment, the use must be chosen according to the temperature and the chemical resistance of the sensor head.

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Room sensor


  • The manufacturer provides an EU declaration of conformity .
  • Calibration - The final metrological control - comparison with standards or working instruments - is carried out for all products. The continuity of standards and work measurement instruments is ensured within the meaning of article 5 of Law No. 505/1990 on metrology. The manufacturer offers the possibility of supplying the calibrated sensors in the laboratory (according to the requirements of EN ISO / IEC 17025) or in an accredited laboratory. 

sensor type  SD 105
Output signal   1 wire / DS18B20
Measuring range  -30 to 70 ° C
Measurement accuracy  ± 0,5 ° C in the range of -10 to 80 ° C
   ± 2 ° C in the range of -30 to 100 ° C
Supply voltage (U)  3 to 5,5 V DC
Nominal supply voltage (Un)  5 V DC
Power consumption / current  1 mA
Protection against ingress  IP 30 according to EN 60529, as modified
Working conditions  ambient temperature: -30 to 100 ° C
   relative air humidity: max 85%
   atmospheric pressure: 87 to 107 kPa
Head dimensions  71,9 x 59 x 27 mm
Head material  LEXAN
Recommended wire section  0,35 to 1,5 mm 2
Weight  min. 35 g

Note: The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design and technical characteristics of the products.

The sensors are designed to be mounted on a wall or other horizontal surfaces. For fixing, it is necessary to prepare the required holes for mounting screws using a template (supplied with the sensor).
Before connecting the power cable, it is necessary to separate the perforated cover from the plastic base. Remove the cover and insert the cable through the 9 mm hole, apply the base to the surface and screw with two screws or bolts. The length of the bolts or fixing screws for fixing should be chosen according to the thickness of the plastic base. Connect the power cable to the terminals in accordance with the “Wiring” section. Diagram ”, place the perforated cover on the fixed base and lock it by clicking on it. After installation and connection to the electrical measuring device, the sensor is ready for use. The sensor requires no special maintenance or servicing. For a more detailed description of the installation, see the instructions for use of the sensor.


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DS18B20 digital
Protection sign
Maximum operating temperature
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