ST01U2 Bimetallic strip without insulation

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Sensor for insertion into the windings of rotating machines and transformers. Customized application in single, double, triple etc ...


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Bimetal execution: PT0

Insertion area: Sensor for insertion into the windings of rotating machines and transformers. 

Compact and pressure-stable: Ideal for installation in a limited space, very suitable for mounting on and on windings.

Reliability and durability: constant contact pressure over the entire temperature range; Very fast switching, therefore low arc influence on the contacts.

Sensitivity to temperature: reproducible Switching temperature induced by a non-resistive and electrically discharged mechanical bimetallic disc.

Speed: Excellent thermal coupling induced by a compact switchgear.

Flexibility: Wide assortment of wires available for connection.

Air Vacuum Test Procedure - The bimetallic strips are placed in a sealed chamber. - The chamber pressure is reduced to 30 mbar. At this pressure and at a temperature between 18 and 25 ° C the bimetallic strips are immersed in a impregnating resin. Bimetallates are placed under these conditions during dry 60. - The pressure is then normally stabilized at 1 Bar. - 120 sec. later bimetallic strips are removed from the impregnating resin. After which the bimetallic strips will remain for 2 hours in an oven at a temperature of 120 ° C in order to harden the impregnating resin.

Technical data :

Max operating voltage: 500VAC 60VDC

Normal Operating Voltage / Intensity: 250VAC 6A

Number of cycles to 250VAC / 3.0A COS FI 1.0 = 10000

Number of cycles to 250VAC / 6.0A COS FI 1.0 = 3000

Number of cycles to 250VAC / 1.0A COS FI 0.45 = 10000

Contact resistance: <50mOhm

Dielectric resistance: 2.5KV

XLPE AWG22 300V cable if T ° <150 ° C

Teflon cable FEP AWG24 600V T °> 150 ° C

Teflon cable PFA AWG22 600V on request, resistant to 250 ° C

Standard cable lengths:


L1 L4 = = 520 +/- 10mm

L2 L3 = = 200 +/- 5mm

L5 L6 = = 55 +/- 5mm



Thermostat type


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