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BWD - Bimetallic probe for resistors, battery

Product features BWD - Bimetallic probe for resistors, battery

BWD-Miniature bimetal probe suitable for impregnation processes

Application fields :

AC motors, Transformers, Heaters, Appliances.


Miniature size; Suitable for most impregnation processes; Competitive prices.

Technical specifications:

With internal insulation if metal cap

Housing 1.Dimension: with 70mm lead wire (standard)

Metal: 15x6.7x3.2mm

Plastic: 15x7.2x3.8mm

Operating voltage: AC250V / 115V (50 / 60Hz)

Nominal current: 5A / 8A

Switching cycles: 5 cycles

Standard contact resistance: ≤50mΩ

AWG 22 standard cable

Standard length 70mm

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