TPL503 + BB211 controller

Reference: AR001018

TPL503 + BB211 controller
The TPL 503 sensor, installed directly on the transformer, transmits the temperature, pressure and oil level values ​​to the BB211 control unit, interfaced with remote data acquisition systems and connected to monitoring systems. protection via dedicated alarm contacts. The TPL 503 sensor is resistant to temperatures between -20 ° C and + 120 ° C; it is completely transparent so that you can see the oil; It is hermetic and is connected to the control unit by a special cable. The sensor head can be unscrewed to top up the oil and can be attached to 3 or 4 pins.  The assembly is compatible with all hermetic transformers from new global manufacturers and from manufacturers already installed.
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Product details about "TPL503 + BB211 Controller"

Oil bath transformerLe new TPL503 SYSTEM   (control unit BB211 + sensor TPL503 ) represented innovation 4.0 for the protection of hermetically sealed oil transformers.

The conventional electromechanical control devices are replaced by the electronic sensor TPL503 which, installed directly on the transformer, is capable of monitoring and transmitting the oil data detected TEMPERATURE, PRESSURE and LEVEL to the BB211 control unit.

L' unit of control BB211 protects the transformer by means of appropriate alarm contacts and transmits the information to a remote center for PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE.

It is equipped with 3 indicator lights: T = Temperature, P = Pressure, L = Level for indicating alarms with bright colors.

The flashing LEDs indicate the fault conditions (FAULT) of the control unit, which has registers dedicated to the storage of possible alarms, the maximum values ​​reached by the temperature and pressure parameters and the minimum value for the level parameter.

It also supplies the TPL 503 and receives information on the status of the transformer.

The compact dimensions and the DIN rail mounting system allow it to be installed in a wide variety of control boxes.

Connection diagram



  • Reference AR001018
  • Name TPL503 + BB211 controller


  • Product Type regulators
  • Communication RS485 - MODBUS

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