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Resistance thermometer with display and reduction - ATEX Exi / Exd

Reference: GXDI-TOPSWR

Resistance thermometer with display and reduction - ATEX Exi / Exd
  • Measuring range: -200 .. + 600 ° C
  • Construction of reservoirs, pipelines
  • Technological process installations in all branches of industry
  • Heating installations 

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Product details about "Resistance thermometer with display and reduction - ATEX Exi / Exd"


  • The easy-to-read 60mm diameter display provides a clear indication of the scale of your process, supported by a radial bar graph.
  • Three optical buttons that work even in difficult conditions (option)
  • Easy-to-follow menus guide you through programming with scrolling help texts
  • HART® 7 functionality with HART® 5 compatibility
  • Spring-loaded measuring insert ensures reliable contact with the thermowell
  • Glove wells according to DIN 43772 form 4, dia. Ø18 ÷ Ø32 mm
  • Thermowell material: 1.4541 (AISI321), 1.4404 (AISI316L), 1.0460 (P250GH), 1.7335 (15HM), 1.7380 (10H2M) *
  • High precision over the entire operating temperature range

Assembly instructions

Signed sensors ex.jpg II 1/2G  et ex.jpg II 1/2D have been designed for temperature measurement in all gas, liquid, mist and dust explosion zones. In zone 0 or 20 can only be a protection tube. The connection head can only be in zones 1 (21) or 2 (22). The boundary between the zones is the threaded connection.

Signed sensors ex.jpg II 2G et ex.jpg II 1/2D have been designed for temperature measurement in zones 1 (21) and 2 (22).


The sensor consists of an interchangeable measuring insert, a solid machined thermowell, a neck and a field-mounted PR7501 temperature transmitter.

The measuring insert is the replaceable part of the complete sensor which reduces the time and cost of maintaining the measuring device installed in the object. The spring-loaded attachment of the measuring insert provides perfect pressure at the bottom of the protection tube, reduces reaction time to temperature changes and increases measurement accuracy and reduces natural vibrations, thus avoiding mechanical and electrical faults .

Insertion length, thermowell design and material, neck length and connection head can be individually selected for the respective application. 

The details that make the difference

The field mounted HART® PR7501 temperature transmitter with display and optical buttons allows easy programming, service and diagnosis from the front of the sensor. The sensor display can be rotated in 90 degree increments for easy vertical or horizontal viewing.

Example of sensor installation


Image Optical buttons
5_8.png Without


  • Reference GXDI-TOPSWR
  • Name Resistance thermometer with display and reduction - ATEX Exi / Exd


  • Product Type 2x Pt100
    2x Pt500
    2x Pt1000
  • Number of threads 2
  • Maximum operating temperature 600°C
  • Precision Class A + -0.15 ° C
    Class B + -0.3 ° C
  • Diameter F2 Ø18h7 F3 Ø9 mm
    F2 Ø24h7 F3 Ø12,5 mm
    F2 Ø26h7 F3 Ø12,5 mm
  • Model With display
    Terminal block probe
  • tube length 100 mm
    115 mm
    140 mm
    200 mm
    260 mm
    410 mm
  • certification ATEX EXD
  • Cable length With terminal block

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