Analogue temperature transmitter for Pt100 sensors

Reference: SEM104P

Analogue temperature transmitter for Pt100 sensors
  • Suitable for Pt100 sensors.

  • 4 to 20 mA output.

  • User configuration without PC.

  • Fast response time.

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Product details about "Analog temperature transmitter for Pt100 sensors"


The SEM104P is an analog temperature transmitter that accepts Pt100 temperature sensors. Its temperature range is defined by selecting the solder links and adjusting the potentiometers for the 4 and 20 mA output. (If you already know the range you need, we can do it for you.) This type of transmitter has virtually instant response time over modern digital transmitters. So in applications where it matters, they are ideal.
They can be mounted in standard connection heads with 33mm mounting holes and used with our range of temperature probes shown here.


  • Reference SEM104P
  • Name Analogue temperature transmitter for Pt100 sensors


  • Type Connection head
  • Type of entries PT100
  • Type of outputs 4.20mA

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