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Contact temperature probe - Digital DS18B20

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This contact temperature sensor with 1-Wire / DS18B20 SD 145 digital output is intended for contact surface temperature measurement. The sensors are supplied with an attachment strap and are suitable for measuring the temperature in pipelines. The sensitive element itself is isolated from the environment. Temperature sensors are easy to install thanks to the unique "S-head" design 

The sensors consist of a plastic head and a metal measuring box placed in a protective plastic cover made of POLYAMIDE where the detection element (sensor) for measuring the temperature is placed. In the head, there is a terminal block with a converter.

SD 145 - DS18B20 digital temperature sensor, communication via 1-Wire bus

The operating temperature range of the sensors is defined in the table of technical parameters of the different sensor versions. The sensors respond to IP 65 input protection according to EN 60529, as modified. To ensure high accuracy of the measurements, it is recommended to clean the contact surface with a file and use a heat-conducting paste between the measured surface and the metal housing of the sensor.

The sensors are designed to operate in a chemically non-aggressive environment, the use must be chosen according to the temperature and the chemical resistance of the sensor head.


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  • Plug connector  CONEC 43-00092
  • connection cables with connector  RKT , respectively. rectangular  RKWT
  • Pete thermally conductive up to 200 ° C, 5 g
Sensor type SD 145
Output signal 1 wire / DS18B20
Measuring range -30 to 110 ° C
Electronics accuracy ± 0,2 ° C
Type / accuracy of the sensitive element *), **) ± 0,5 ° C in the range of -10 to 80 ° C
  ± 2 ° C in the range of -30 to 100 ° C
Supply voltage (U) 3 to 5,5 V DC
Nominal supply voltage (Un) 5 V DC
Power consumption / current 1 mA
Working conditions ambient temperature: -30 to 100 ° C
  relative air humidity: max. 100%
  atmospheric pressure: 70 to 107 kPa
Protection against ingress IP 65 according to EN 60529, as modified
Response time τ0,5 <13 s (on a smooth surface without paste)
Housing brass
Isolation resistance > 200 MΩ at 500 V / DC, 25 ° C ± 3 ° C; humidity <85%
Protective housing material POLYAMIDE
Connection head dimensions 70x63x34mm
Connection head material POLYAMIDE
Minimum pipe diameter 20 mm
Length of fastening strap 40 cm
Material of fastening strap / cap stainless steel / galvanized steel
Connector type in the head RSFM4 - M12- Lumberg
(for sensors with a connector)  
Recommended cable section 0,35 to 1,5 mm2
(for sensors with grommet)  
Weight min. 140 g


Product Type
DS18B20 digital
Maximum operating temperature
Cable length
With terminal block
Specificity of use
For piping
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