magnetic surface temperature probe *Step required

In production :  1 to 3 weeks

Magnetic surface temperature probe

response time less than 30 seconds.

ideal for ferrous metals, hot plates, etc.

probe temperature range -20 to 80 ° C

24 x 28mm

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Magnetic surface temperature probe - This magnetic temperature probe is supplied with a 500 mm PTFE wire. The magnet attaches automatically to any ferrous metal.

Ideal for monitoring the surface temperature of ferrous metals, e.g. radiators or hot plates. Ideal for use in kitchens, food factories or the HVAC industry. Response time less than 30 seconds. Probe temperature range -20 to 80 ° C. The dimensions of the probe are Ø24 x 28mm

probe accuracy: BS EN 60584-1: 2013

probe range: -20 to 80 ° C

probe response time: less than 20 seconds

probe diameter: 24 mm

probe length: 28 mm


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Maximum operating temperature
Thermocouple type
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